Obituary Information Forms are required to be filled out before the work is processed. Please contact me to retrieve the form.

There will be a $10 Rush Fee if not given a week notice.


Bi-Fold Obituary Writing

  • If you have reached this section, it probably means that you have lost someone.  The words to share with you is that I'm sorry. I understand this is a terrible time and I do know platitudes that will make things better.  I lost someone very close to me and I truly understand the pain. This is when I began to take my skills online and help others/families like yourself. I have been writing Obituaries for 5 years in which I took a Freelance writing class in school. This is where I can help you out. To protect the privacy of others, I do not share people information but upon request, I can show you sample Obituaries with certain information removed. I have a Obituary form that needs to be filled out or I can be reached via phone and my contact number is under "Contact me" in which you can also share your details. After I am done writing the Obituary, I will send you a draft to see if I need to modify or change anything. Once the Obituary is completed, I will mail the Obituaries to the funeral home or yourself. Whichever option you prefer.